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Kimberly Stewart - About Kim

Kim Stewart

Choice creates!

A space where we help you recover, recognize and work with your choices and possibilities.

Hi, I'm Kim and I'm glad you're here.

I believe it is the right of every woman to live a joyful, creative and abundant life.
To honor ourselves and live a fulfilling life.
To maintain a balance between professional success and personal health and happiness and to feel good about yourself and your body.


I can relate to your journey - I've been there.  Today, I am a thriver!



Hello! I am so grateful you are here

For most of my journey, I created my life based on the idea of perfection. I did this in family, in work, and in my body. I am a mother of 3 adult children. Even though I was a stay at home mom for a few years, I knew there was so much more I wanted to create. So, being the humanoid I am, I went to the opposite extreme and had 3 jobs at one time, working 75 hours a week.  I struggled with alcoholism and an eating disorder. I’ve also dealt with sexual violations and toxic relationships. I have been in recovery for over 11 years.


When I found Access Consciousness, the tools that set me free were, “Who does it belong to?” and “Is this mine?” By asking these questions, I realized I had been creating my life for other people, based on their ideas of perfection . That awareness was life changing. 


Then I made a demand in my world to create as me. I moved  across country from San Diego, CA, to Nashville, TN, where I started truly choosing to create my life. In the process, I became an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Empowerment and Recovery Coach.


My vision is to empower you to acknowledge the gift of you and to help you get clear on the life you truly would like to create for yourself. Only you know what is true for you. No matter where your story starts, you can choose a different ending. What if recovery is actually a discovery of you?


Consider this your invitation to step into being you.  I’d love to support you as you choose YOU.


Let’s play! What do you want to create?


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Access Certified-Facilitator
Pragmatic Psychology_Kimberley Stewart


... she had been through it herself and gave me the tools I needed to cope

I started working with Kim a few years ago and she has forever shaped me into the woman I want to be and how I show up everyday. Anything I was going through or struggling with, she had been through it herself and gave me the tools I needed to cope.


She has expertise in so many areas and has become my go to for advice for everything. From my mental health, motherhood and pregnancy, abusive relationships, narcissistic and codependent family members, work balance, to being able to show up for my family on a daily basis.


She’s truly one of a kind and I am so grateful that we have crossed paths.   



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