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Kimberly Stewart

Empowering Transformation

Guiding Addiction Recovery, Breaking Co-dependency chains, and Overcoming Depression & Anxiety for Individuals and their Support networks. 

Transformative Recovery Consulting & Interventions


Transformative Recovery Consulting & Interventions

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, navigating co-dependent relationships, or seeking an holistic recovery experience, you're in the right place. 


Addictive behavior often turns individuals inward, making it crucial for families and support networks to play a proactive role in their recovery. Interventions serve as a structured approach, setting boundaries, mediating, and preventing escalations. It's a tough but essential step toward guiding your loved ones through the recovery process.

Together, we'll navigate the challenges, rewrite your recovery story, and build a foundation for a fulfilling life.

Take the first step toward transformation – let's connect and explore the possibilities. Book a discovery call today and let's start this transformative journey together.


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What is the Change you are looking for?

My goals for you..

It was my choice to pull my life together and create a life I love! I too tried many  modalities, I finally released that toxic shame and self-loathing, released the blame and emotional neglect.

Now, I use my 15 years of seeking, Access Consciousness tools as well as Pragmatic Psychology to help women just like you feel good about themselves and their lives.


What I want is for you, too,  is to enjoy healthy, supportive relationships, and to create a balanced healthy life you love. You are not helpless or powerless. You can choose this! 

You can read more about my story here.

What is there to lose?

What's in it for you?

Are you willing to try an approach that doesn't prescribe, one that doesn't judge? You've tried before, you know what didn't work. approach that combines bodywork with facilitation and gives you tools & processes so you can make choices to change what is happening in your life. approach to recovery that focuses on what's right for you, if you want it - there's a reason. approach that holds you in safety
... working with me, I know what it's like to think addictively & I can guide you on this path.

The Bars® or Access Bars® are the foundation of Access Consiousness®.

Often referred to as "Getting your Bars Run", this non-invasive technique induces deep relaxation and promotes both physical and emotional well-being.


Apart from the deeper more entrenched issues we deal with, getting your Bars runs also helps deal with crankiness & stress, it reveals new possibilities, more joy, ease & connection.

Many people get their Bars® run often, when they recognize that something needs to shift or change, or simply need a reset.

Access Consciousness is a modality that allows people to see what they have chosen that is keeping them stuck and not moving in their life, their job or their abilities"

- Gary Douglas



... she had been through it herself and gave me the tools I needed to cope

I started working with Kim a few years ago and she has forever shaped me into the woman I want to be and how I show up everyday. Anything I was going through or struggling with, she had been through it herself and gave me the tools I needed to cope.


She has expertise in so many areas and has become my go to for advice for everything. From my mental health, motherhood and pregnancy, abusive relationships, narcissistic and codependent family members, work balance, to being able to show up for my family on a daily basis.


She’s truly one of a kind and I am so grateful that we have crossed paths.   




... how much energy & effort you give us.

I wanted to say thank you and share my gratitude for your presence and focus on our calls. You are an incredible listener, you stay present in our answers, and you stay objective and direct when delivering feedback. 


You blew my mind last night, because I know it was a long day for you, yet you still gave us 110%. Thank you. The progress I have made personally and with the kids is because of your coaching and leadership.

Again, just wanted you to know your energy , efforts and dedication is recognized and appreciated.


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